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New Notes+ for iPhone app

Notes+ app icon We’re excited that Apple has today approved our new Notes+ for iPhone app – it’s now available in the App Store!

Why another note taking app?

All of us at Notesplus had tried using various note taking apps, but couldn’t find one we really liked. Most lacked the ability to add one or more media types and many had confusing layouts and screens flows.

What makes Notes+ special?

We set out with the ambitious aim of making Notes+ the most flexible, user-friendly, and quick-fire app available for creating multimedia notes. To achieve this we identified three main goals:

  1. Allow users to add a rich and comprehensive variety of multimedia content to their notes, including text, photos, sketches, sketches on photos, audio and video recordings.
  2. Include exceptional facilities for finding existing notes.
  3. Be fast, simple, and intuitive to use.

Our early designs included a variety of mechanisms and screens to organize notes. We experimented with folders and tags, but these required their own management screens and the layers of organization were killing the simplicity. A breakthrough came by replacing the organize paradigm with a list and search approach. A search bar provides full-text search across all notes, with an option to filter search within note titles, contents, or across all of these areas.

Notes+ has three levels of screens – the Browse Screen (to list/search all notes), the View Screen (to view/share a particular note), and an Edit Screen for each media type (to create/edit a note item). The essence of Notes+’s design is rooted in this simple screen hierarchy, and an ability to move between screen levels quickly and intuitively.

Notes+ allows users to create a new note in a hurry, and having done so to start entering content immediately, for example, by taking a photo, or starting an audio or video recording. There’s no up-front requirement to set a note title or any meta data. Notes+ provides an quick way of capturing spontaneous events and activities as they occur and gives users the best chance of not missing the start.

We hope that you’ll love our new Notes+ app as much as we do!