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Before sending a support request, please check that Notes+ is updated to the latest version and take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is answered there.

Email us at and please add our email address to your Contacts list to help ensure that our reply doesn’t get diverted to your spam folder.

We try to reply promptly, but responses may take up to 48 hours.

Reporting a Problem

If you are experiencing a problem please send us a screen shot of any error message that you may see and the following details about your device:

  1. Device type (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) and model.
  2. iOS version (see Settings > General > About > Version).

TIP: To take a screen shot on an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), simply press then release the home button and the power/sleep button at the same time. These buttons do not need to be held down for long, just a simple press and release. The screen should flash white and there should be a camera shutter sound (if the volume is on) to indicate a successful screen shot. Open the Photos app and tap Camera Roll to view the screen shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the text size?

Yes, the text size is determined by the iOS setting located in Settings > General > Text Size.

How can I enter text more easily?
Option 1: Paste in text that’s been copied from elsewhere

With the keyboard showing, single tap on the blinking text cursor to display the popup menu and choose the Paste option to paste in whatever text was last copied to the system pasteboard.

Option 2: Use voice dictation

To use voice dictation tap the microphone button on the keyboard (located to the left of the space bar). Speak the text you want to type, and tap Done to finish. After a couple of seconds delay to translate your speech the text will appear, as if you had just typed it.

Note that as of iOS 8 beta 4 the way the built-in dictation system works has changed, with voice input now being streamed to Apple’s server for conversion while the user is still speaking rather than after finishing speaking. Words now appear almost immediately as you speak.

Option 3: Use keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provide a great way of entering blocks of text that you use repeatedly. To add a new keyboard shortcut, launch the Settings app and navigate to General > Keyboard. To use a keyboard shortcut, type in the shortcut and it will be auto-expanded to whatever full text has been defined for the shortcut. See here for more information.

Can I save a photo to my Camera Roll?

Yes, when you take a photo with the Notes+ camera it isn’t shared to the Camera Roll automatically, but you can swipe right in a note on any photo or sketch and choose Save Image to share a copy to the Camera Roll.

How do I delete a single note?

To delete a single note swipe it left to reveal a delete icon, and tap the delete icon.

It’s the same method as for deleting any item from a note.

Why are the video recording times quite short?

Video recordings can quickly use up a lot of file space, and become too large to share conveniently. Initially, we’ve limited the duration of all video and audio recordings to prevent their individual storage sizes exceeding 10MB. This is also why there’s no option to shoot high quality video, which would require about 2MB of storage space for every one second of footage.

Can I make stereo recordings?

The Notes+ audio player is capable of playing stereo, but at present we haven’t provided a stereo recording option, which would in any case require the use of a separate microphone.

We’ll add this if there’s enough interest – please let us know!

What encoders are used for audio recordings?

High quality recordings are encoded at 44 kbps AAC, medium quality at 22 kbps AAC and space saving at 11 kbps AAC.

Can I delete Notes+ from my device without losing my notes?

No, when you delete any app from your device all of its associated data is deleted as part of the iOS sandbox mechanism.

To avoid losing all notes in this way we plan to add an option to backup/sync notes to iCloud and/or Dropbox in a future update.

If you’ve lost some notes that are included in an iTunes backup you can restore them using an app such as iExplorer, by using the following steps:

  1. Close the Notes+ app on your device (double click the Home button on your device to display an array of all the apps currently running, locate Notes+ by sweeping through the array of apps, slide Notes+ upwards to close it.)
  2. In iExplorer, open the iTunes backup and navigate to the folder [device name] > Backup Explorer > App – com.notesplus.notesplus.iphone > Documents.
  3. Copy the complete contents of the Documents folder to your computer.
  4. In iExplorer, with your device connected to your computer, navigate to the folder Apps > Notes+.
  5. Delete the complete contents of the Documents folder and replace this with the complete contents of the Documents folder from the backup (saved to your computer at step 3).
  6. Run Notes+ on your device. It should open containing the notes from the iTunes backup.